Travel Tattoo for Globetrotters in 10 Great Ideas Not to be Missed!


Tattoos are permanent body modifications and that is why their wearers choose them with great attention to detail. Of course, their symbolic meaning is among the most important aspects that are taken into consideration when choosing. Normally, we spend a lot of time studying the symbolism behind this or that drawing that we want to be tattooed. But how to proceed when the process is, so to speak, reversed and we already know what we want to express but do not know how? You are a dedicated globe-trotter and you want to show your love for exploring the world in an original and … definitive way? The tattoo trip is then exactly for you!

In this article, we offer you a dozen imaginative ideas on the original travel tattoo for women, men, and couples. Enjoy meaningful symbols and ideas and choose the model that you find most inspiring and aesthetically pleasing to your skin! An alternative variant is to use the images only as a source of artistic inspiration and to invent its own unique design in the world.

The rose of the winds – a tattoo trip loaded with positive symbolism

One of the most popular globe-trotting tattoos is the compass and more specifically the wind rose. The above design is done on the forearm and the figure representing the cardinal points is combined with an airplane silhouette. This makes the model displayed not only more interesting but also more loaded with positive symbolism and superb exploratory associations.

Admirers of minimalist tattoos, as well as ladies who have a soft spot for discrete models, will probably have a big crush on the idea presented in the photo above! It is always a kind of wind rose but represented stylized and made inside the arm. These two particularities make it perfectly suited to people who do not want to have a flashy tattoo too obvious.

Two arrows, or even two simple straight lines, crossed in X and the letters indicating each of the cardinal points at their corresponding places is all that is necessary for your minimalist compass to be ready! By the way, the arrows are totally awesome like a travel tattoo, symbolizing beginnings, new starts, beginnings.

Get a word or a word tattooed

Another tattoo travel option to consider is to get a tattoo or a meaningful word tattooed. The good news is that there are plenty of famous quotes related to travel, adventure and exploration! “To stay is to exist. Travel is life “and” We travel to change, no place, but ideas “are just two of the many examples that can be quoted. Try to avoid the mentions too popular if you want to have a unique design.

There is a good way to avoid the mishap with a phrase travel tattoo shared by a few dozen people. The trick is to move towards a little known font or one that is not readable at first. We can even invent his own fancy calligraphy! Thus, even a super popular word, such as English “wanderlust” for example, can distance itself from commonplace trivia. For the sake of information, the word means a strong desire or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

Contours of the World Map on the Wrist – A Discreet Travel Tattoo

We have already mentioned the tattoo trip discreet but we are still far from having exhausted all the possibilities it offers. The specific location is apparently the factor of paramount importance when talking about the visibility of a drawing on the skin. But it is also the type of tattoo itself that counts. For example, fine-contoured models without fill, such as the world map on the wrist shown above, are not too visible.

Who wants a discreet model can achieve inside his fingers, while the more daring can get a tattoo phalanges. A hot air balloon design, paper plane or globe inside a finger looks super charming and will be visible only when you want.

Associate multiple symbols in a single travel tattoo

Who feels particularly adventurous can even combine several different ideas into a unique travel tattoo. A hot air balloon with globe balloon and carrycot is really a triple explorer symbol! In addition, all this magnificent action takes place over a superb mountain range. For information, the model is performed on the scapula essentially using the dotwork technique (point by point).

This is another successful combination of several original travel symbols that will be ideally suited to admirers of color tattoos. The multicolored visa stamps, as some as the most ambitious explorers have in their passports, are a genius idea not to be missed! They visually connect and perfectly complement the graphic style of the black wind rose above and the stylized plane below.

What is your favorite travel tattoo template? The wind rose become a real classic or the balloon charming and somewhat playful? Did you consider to eternalize on your skin a beautiful sentence full of meaning? What would be your choice between a thick contoured inkage and elaborate shading, a discreet pattern without any fill and an executed using the dot art technique? The whole world, that of tattoos and the real one, is yours to discover!

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