Travel Industry: Changes By Artificial Intelligence


Several industry sectors contribute to a nation’s economy. The industries can mean a variety of segments, right from building, shipping, healthcare, manufacturing and even travel. At present, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the hottest catalysts that are making changes in every industry. Even healthcare which has always stayed afar from AI has also introduced some of the concepts in treatment of patients. In this article on Travel Industry: Changes by Artificial Intelligence, let us throw light on the transformation brought about by this new technology.

The world has moved from travel book guides and standing in long queues to book a train ticket. Now, every task is done online.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence By Travel Industry

Adoption of artificial intelligence by travel industry

The most important part, travel industry in some parts of the globe have embraced AI technologies in their operations. So, the changes have happened right from recommendation to individual assistance to predictions. Please note that the success of travel industry depends on the satisfaction of customers. Travel companies make use of AI to know about your behavior, preferences to give the best service and enhance the experience of customers. Also, the AI platforms can keep the travellers updated with alerts regarding your schedule, give the best information on hotels, places and deals to improve their journey experience.

So, shall we see some cases where Artificial Intelligence has brought changes in Travel Industry?



Have another look at the title. Does it ring a bell? When you search for a product in Amazon, you get recommendations. So, by giving the information, the Amazon website calls for a good customer experience. You get individual preference regarding your likes and dislikes. You can find the same kind of experience in job websites such as LinkedIn and selection of programs in NetFlix. In other words, if you want to have more user engagement, then you can use AI platforms.

So, how does AI get used in Travel Industry?

It is the same. Recommendation mechanism is used to give you good experience in various aspects. For example, staying at the perfect hotels, compare reviews and prices via apps, rental packages for travel by cars and buses, holiday packages at resorts and many more. The best example – Google Flights. This application recommends fares and flights depending on comparisons between service providers. Friendly features in the application are “Date Tips” which gives suggestions on travel timings, cheap destinations, airports as per your travel schedule.

Prices and Prediction


So, what are the most important factors during your travel? Prices and prediction (in other words, your sixth sense). Yes, you may get the best price, deals, but what matters is the affordability of seats in the relevant travel vehicle, and rooms in a hotel. So how do you club two and two together? This is a situation where AI can be of assistance. Based on your travel, the AI tool can present useful information to your mobile. The entire aspect is made possible through analytical programs and machine learning algorithms.

Let us take the example of the travel company, Amadeus. It makes use of Artificial technology to give the best travel offers to you (travellers). After getting permission to go through your travel schedule with your consent, it builds data on various aspects. For example, interests, purchase behaviors, travel information, likes and loyalty programs. Based on the data, it compares your information with the existing deals, discount offers and gives valid information. The next start-up to find a mention is that of Hopper, which makes use of data science to assist you in booking the cheap travel flights using analytics.

Transportation of Baggage


Banks in Japan have used robots to interact with customers. In fact, this change has resulted in becoming the banks popular with the general public. Now, with regards to travel industry, robotics segment have also stepped in the sector. If you have a a long travel schedule, you find it difficult to handle many baggages. And the checking at international airports, it definitely calls for a easy mechanism. Artificial Intelligence in travel industry will definitely hit the mark, when the new technology is designed as an application that can make the exit procedures with baggage easy for the travellers. Who knows? In the future, you may find robots with sensors checking your baggage. There can also be chances where robots can help you transport baggages from one place to another within the airport.

Is it for the future? Or has the robot which carries baggage has already come to the public? They have. The robot Leo, designed by SITA Labs, can transport baggage right from the entry point to getting on the flight with ease. There is also Kate, the mobile kiosk. It can give you details on the near-by check-in stations and get your baggage out in little time. Any doubts? They have designed to avoid objects.


chatbot in travel industry

Mention chatbots, and the first remembrance you get is of customer care. There are various companies in healthcare, banking and education which have made use of chatbots to respond to simple queries. Yes, the complex queries get routed to a human. They help the management get better interaction and response with customers. By incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence, they have advanced to being more than just a response generation program. Now, a AI chatbot can help passengers schedule trips and bookings by making valuable suggestions.

The best example is that of Hello Hipmunk, which can check all social media platforms, and give the correct information. When you ask a question, it can access every platform to check for prices, availability of rooms to provide advice.

Many travel companies give automated responses using chatbots for easy queries. Also, in hotels, the chatbots and AI applications can help the management derive valuable information from feedback forms to improve their customer service.

Scenario in India


Do you want to have updates in India? Then check for Instalocate, the chatbot service. It can give you information about your flights. Then there is RailYatri, that intends on making railway travel hasslefree for passengers.


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have stepped in to make better changes in the travel industry, that is for sure. It will also benefit the other industry sectors which cater to the travel segment.

Let us imagine a case study. You have a company specializing in home care services in Hyderabad. You specialize in services of car wash at doorstep in Hyderabad. And fifty percent of your clients are cab drivers who are freelancers for travel tourists in the city.

Now, you have a website by which a cab driver can call and book the service. But there is no human to place the booking. You have subscribed to a chatbot service, which can respond like a human. It can respond to simple queries and place the booking. But the cab driver will think he is talking to a human. So, AI chatbots have also stepped in the other industries.

Have you read the article? There are only some of the areas where Artificial Intelligence have stepped into the travel industry. You can put a comment if we have missed some details.

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