Top 7 Tips for Visiting London on a Budget

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“By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.” – Samuel Johnson. Also known as Dr Johnson’s statement about London is still appropriate, even after more than two centuries. London is, such a kind of place. After visiting London you don’t need to see anything else because it is the whole world in itself. Not only historically rich, London is the perfect blend of art and aesthetics.

However, just like any other powerful, beautiful and famous cities, London is also very expensive to survive. That’s the reason why many tourists just skip London because of its unaffordable status but truth is, you just need to be street smart before planning your trip. Few cuts here and there and some prior research is enough to bring London in your budget.

Here are 7 simple tips to save a lot of money without doing compromise much in your trip.

1) The London Paas

A London tourist discount pass is a sightseeing pass available for all visitors to London to purchase which can spare you heaps of cash. Better known as The London Pass, it takes the form of a smart card, allowing the holder to enter numerous attractions. Once you’ve got a rough guide to the attractions you’re going to explore, investigate their sites to check if your entrance could be secured with one of their cards. The potential savings are 50% off of retail prices.

Likewise, note that the majority of national Museums and Galleries in London are free regardless. Choose a hotel that is in central location. You can check Space Apart hotel in London and avail their services to have a hassle free stay in London. These are serviced apartments with all comforts necessary for a great stay.

2)  Accommodation

A typical London hotel room is undersized and overpriced. Probably the most costly lodgings on the planet are situated here in London. In any case, that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasonable ones, as well! By and large, the closer you are to the focal point of town, the more costly the room. So keep an eye on the map when choosing your accommodation. Finding an Apartment hotel in London can be expensive. It is advisable to book in advance.

Hotels aren’t the only option though – London has a wide variety of low-cost, safe and central hostels to choose from. You can even check out Rooms and flats offered by Londoners themselves.

3) Food

London has a considerable measure of extraordinary restaurants that are both heavenly and budget-friendly. It’s easy to find high-quality cuisine from all around the world, however make sure to attempt a couple of great English dishes before leaving London.

Apart from that, one can also try street food which is delicious, creative and inexpensive.  London is also a great place to employ a sound budget dining strategy. The idea is to eat a big, free breakfast when possible, take it easy on lunch, and save the bulk of your food budget for nice dinners that expose you to the culture of your destination.

4) Transport

Getting around central London on a budget isn’t all that difficult. You’ll just need to make careful plans. Travelling in public transport on your tour might sound a bit weird but this is the best way to save a lot of bucks and getting the best out of the London.

If you’re planning to spend most of your time in Central London, there’s little uncertainty The Tube is your best option, consider buying Oyster card, but if you want your plan is to explore the English countryside, you can explore car rental options. (Beware: if you choose to rent or lease a car, parking can be quite a challenge. Park illegally, and your budget trip could become very expensive.) Avoid cabs, they are pretty expensive.

5) Avoid peak travel times

If you have some flexibility with your timings, avoid pinnacle times for travel in the UK, it will help with both costs and crowds. These occasions are primarily Easter, Christmas and the school summer vacation, when you’ll be competing with British families to make the most of London.  A charming time to visit would be September and early October, when the schools have returned and there’s normally some pre-fall daylight sticking around.

6) Flying to London

Don’t fly to London first. London has high taxes and its fares are not always that competitive so look at flying into a different European city first,  sparing a few bucks for a night or two there and after that hopping on a budget flight back into one of our six airplane terminals around London.

7) Exchange Currency

It might seem like a small thing which we are likely to ignore but trust me it can save you a lot of bucks. If you enter London from another nation, remember that air terminals every now and again are lousy spots to exchange money. Banks of your country will give you a better rate than the airport changers. The best advice is to change a small amount to British Pounds at home, then use that amount to get out of the airport to better rates in town.

Ofcourse, “London is a bad habit one hates to lose.” It is expensive but after visiting, you will realise why and understand why it’s worth that. However, it’s never a loss to save some money over one of your most memorable trip. These are just some smart steps and a bit of research over it will just bring a happy smile to your pockets as well. Happy journey!

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