The World’s Best Snowboarding Destinations


With the winter season fast approaching, we all are wondering where to plan our next trip. There are some amazing places all around the world where we can go skiing, make snowmen, play with snowballs, and do some snowboarding. Snowboarding and skiing are two best activities people prefer most in winters. They are exclusive to winters and are considered the best winter sports. But when looking for the best resorts to do snowboarding, we come across a huge list with an infinite number of resorts all around the world.

Finding the perfect slopes to snowboard in winters

Choosing one can be difficult, and each place is special in its own way. When we ask some people about their opinion, they will argue that North America is the best place to go snowboarding. Others will say that slopes in the European Alps are the best. It is simply very hard to decide where to go. But luckily for you, we have consulted with the experts and traveling professionals of Dream World Travel Ltd. And made a list of destinations that are best suited for snowboarding and other winter activities. Dream World Travel is one of the best UK travel agency, and you can also get a consultation with their travel experts with respect to flight and accommodation booking.

The world’s best snowboarding destinations

Following are some great and even unexplored snowboarding destinations in the world. We recommend you to travel to these places and enjoy your winters to the fullest.

Alpe d’Huez – France

Alpe d’Huez is one of the best snowboarding and skiing destination in Europe and the world. Known for its amazing slopes with different level of difficulties, Alpe d’Huez is the perfect destination for you if you want some snowboarding time with family or friends. Located in the French Alps, it has the perfect atmosphere in winters, with different parties hosted in the town.

Verbier – Switzerland

Verbier is unquestionably not a cheap resort, but it is definitely one of the best in the world. Each year, different snowboarding and skiing competitions are held here and it is always in the center of everybody’s attention. Located in the Swiss Alps, Verbier has easy as well as technical descents and slopes for everyone. You can also go on a day tour to the valleys around this place and explore this epic backcountry.

Laax – Switzerland

When we talk about snowboarding, there is no other country on Earth that offers more slopes than Switzerland. So you can expect multiple Swiss resorts on this list. Laax is one of the best Snowboarding resort in Europe. The best thing about this place is that even if the temperature is below freezing point, the atmosphere is always warm with different events and parties.

Mammoth Mountain – USA

Mammoth Mountain is a hub of snowboarders in the USA. Each winter, dozens feet snowfall make this mountain a perfect place to snowboard and ski. The resort is world class and the best thing about this place is that it receives a great sunshine even in winters. So you can easily absorb some sunlight in winters surrounded by snow.

Sölden – Austria

Sölden has emerged as one of the best snowboarding resorts of Europe. After the shooting of James Bond movie SPECTRE, this place is visited by thousands of winter sports enthusiasts. Be one of them and visit Sölden for some epic snowboarding adventures.

Skardu – Pakistan

Skardu is a wildcard destination in this list. If you want an adventure of next level, do travel to this place in northern Pakistan. Although there is no resort in Skardu, there are an infinite number of slopes that are now opened to foreigners and the general public if they are up for some extreme snowboarding and skiing. You can enjoy helicopter rides and air safari in between some of the highest mountains on this planet.

Crans-Montana – Switzerland

Another Swiss destination in this list, Crans-Montana is a dream destination in the Swiss Alps. If you are headed there, you have made a great choice. There are some great slopes to tread and slide, along with some great bars and restaurants to dine and drink.

Niseko United – Japan

Niseko United is one of the best snowboarding resort in Asia. Located in the Land of the Rising Sun, this place should be on your bucket list. Snow at Niseko can be waist deep, and with so much challenge, will follow a great adventure. So are you up for this challenge?

Val Gardena – Italy

Surrounded with magical mountains and hills, Val Gardena offers a lot of entertainment to all its visitors. Snowboarding at its resort is one of the best things you can do this coming winter which you can remember for a long time.

Whistler Backcomb – Canada

Whistler is one of the best snowboarding resorts in Canada. It is highly rated by professional snowboarders and skiers, and known all over the world for its diverse slopes. The atmosphere of this place is ideal for couples, friends and even solo traveler. You can expect a great time if you are going to Whistler Backcomb this coming winters.

Breckenridge, Colorado – USA

Breckenridge is a valley surrounded by a park and mountains that offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding slopes to all enthusiasts in the world. It hosted Olympic qualifiers in the past, and champions have trained here. Breckenridge is surely a great place to go for snowboarding this winter.

Treble Cone – New Zealand

Southern hemisphere enjoys summers from November to March and winters from May to August, but all have a craving during our summertime to do some snowboarding and skiing. Worry not, you can fulfill this desire by visiting Treble Cone in New Zealand during their winters from May to August. This place is New Zealand and Oceania is the best snowboarding turf for everyone.

Yabuli Ski Resort – China

Yabuli Ski Resort is the largest Ski and Snowboarding resort in China. It offers amazing slopes, as well as jumping areas for snowboarders and skiers. This place also hosted 1996 Winter Asian Games, and after 2008 renovations, Yabuli is a perfect place to spend your winters snowboarding and skiing.

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