Adventure Places In Bangalore

Know 7 Best Adventure Places In Bangalore!


There are plenty of adventure places in Bangalore for adrenaline junkies looking for a rush to explore. From intense thrilling activities to easier ones, the choice of fun adventures to have in Bangalore is endless. If you’re an adventure lover in search of new thrills, look no further than the spectacular Garden City of India. For your vacation this year, fly down to this remarkable city and enjoy some of the best adventure activities in Bangalore. Read on to find out about some of the most fun and best adventure places in Bangalore.

Best adventure places to visit in Bangalore:

After a lot of thought and detailed research, we’ve managed to compile a list comprising of the best adventure places in and around Bangalore. Check the list thoroughly and decide what type of adventure suits you best. This is among the things that will make you love Bangalore. Book last minute flights in case you are short on time reserve flights in advance for a trip to Bangalore. Come to this spectacular city and enjoy your most fun and adventurous vacation yet!

  1. For trekking –

There are scores of awesome trekking trails in and around Bangalore that one can explore. In fact, the city is blessed with an incredibly lush and abundant hiking terrain all around it with over 150 trekking spots. Of these, Ramanagara is the ideal trekking venue as the region is replete with stunning hilly trails each of which varies in difficulty levels. Of course, there are other options as well such as Chikmagalur, Skandagiri, and Madhugiri to name a few. So prepare yourself well, put your hiking shoes on, and head out to conquer a trekking trail of your choice in Bangalore.

  1. For water rafting –

Water rafting is one of the most unusual yet most popular adventure activities in the world. Having to navigate your way through tricky turns and twists in the water can be quite a challenging thing. There are several adventure places in Bangalore that offer the chance to enjoy this intense sport. Some common regions you can visit that offer water rafting opportunities include Gokarna, Sitanadi, Netravati, and Honnemaradu. Bamboo rafting in Bangalore is the in-thing now so do check it out.

  1. For wall climbing –

Although it may not seem so, wall climbing is way harder than rock climbing. While you have edges to hold on to and pull yourself up when rock climbing, it’s not as easy when it comes to wall climbing. You need to climb up at a sharp 90-degree angle and oppose gravity as well as the pull of your own weight. If you’re a beginner, the Gethna Climbing Wall at Kanteerava Stadium is a good place to start. Alternatively, you can also check out The Phoenix Market City where the young and old alike come to indulge in a bit of wall climbing.

  1. For rock climbing –

So wall climbing is not your thing. You prefer rock climbing out in the open and amidst raw natural beauty. Not a problem. You will find many adventure places in Bangalore that offer you the chance to enjoy rock climbing to its very best. Travel to the city comfortably on business class flights and explore some amazing rock climbing destinations it has to offer. Improve your stamina and test your endurance levels as you climb up challenging routes and make your way to the top. Situated at Kanakapura road, Turahalli is a good place to start your rock climbing adventure.

  1. For zorbing –

Extremely popular, this is counted to be among the most sought-after adventure sports in Bangalore and the world! Allowing you to literally roll down a hill in a giant inflated balloon, zorbing is a very fun sport. The well-cushioned transparent ball offers you protection from jerks, heaves, and heavy shakes as you roll down the hill. The sport is generally done in open spaces and on gentle slopes. For zorbing in Bangalore, head straight for the mesmerizing Nandi Hills. You can search for and contact any of the top adventure companies in Bangalore that conduct zorbing in Nandi Hills.

  1. For caving –

Anthargange is the place to visit if you wish to indulge in a bit of caving in Bangalore. About 50 miles from the city, Anthargange is highly popular among trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. The volcanic rock formations here have resulted in stunning natural caves which are an absolute treat to explore. You will also be thrilled to spot natural springs which beautifully trickle down the Anthargange boulders. This is truly one of the best adventure places in Bangalore for caving enthusiasts to visit.

  1. For off-road adventures

You’ll be in search of adventure places in Bangalore for off-road activities if you’re into high-octane thrills. Swanky quad bikes and flamboyant all-terrain vehicles are a godsend for lovers of off-road adventures. And there’s no better place than Bangalore for it! Head over to adventure sports centers such as the Dirt Mania which organize these highly thrilling adventures for you to enjoy on the open outskirts of Bangalore.

You can try plenty of other adventure sports in Bangalore apart from the ones listed above. Various other best adventure activities in Bangalore include cross-country cycling, paintball, paragliding, and parasailing among other things. There is a myriad of adventure places in Bangalore that offer all these and much more! Avail cheap flights to Bangalore with Indian Eagle site and come to have your most adventurous vacation yet!

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