Best Places to See the Northern Lights


Nature is full of the majestic phenomenon and astounding displays, and Aurora is one of its magnificent wonders. Aurora is one of the finest displays of nature and it has always netted the curiosity of humans all over the world. People are always fascinated by this miracle of nature, but pursuing them had always been a daunting task. However, with the advancements in technology and the ease of travel in this 21st-century, more people are able to witness it.

Types of Auroras

Although the phenomenon of Aurora is one all across the world, it can be seen from either the extreme North Pole or the South Pole. The lights that are visible from the North Pole are known as Northern Lights, and similarly, the lights visible from the South Pole are known as Southern Lights.

The Northern Lights are more commonly known as Aurora Borealis, and the Southern Lights are known as Aurora Australis. The display colors can vary depending on different factors such as time, air pressure, temperature and season. But mostly, the color is pale green and pink in both Auroras, Borealis and Australis.

The Northern Lights: What are they?

The Northern Lights, or more commonly known as Aurora Borealis, is an enchanting display of nature which is put on when charged solar particles and molecules collide together and react with atmospheric gases. This results in the production of a neon light that can last as long as a minute or even days.

We have already told our readers about Northern and Southern Lights, and they can be visible in northern and southern hemispheres. It is actually the same phenomenon and it happens in variable areas.

The ideal time to see the Northern Lights

The ideal time to observe the nature’s greatest phenomenon is during dark, cold nights with clear skies. Although it can be seen all year round, your chances can be paramount during winters when the nights are longest, coldest and clearest.

If you want to make a trip to places that put on the best show of Aurora Borealis also known as The Northern Lights, you need to book your trip from late November to the end of March or early April in the Northern Light zones, which is Latitudes 65 – 72 degrees. This time and zone are perfect for the atmospheric gases to collide with solar particles and create vibrant light curtains. You need to be away from the bright light sky of cities, which is also full of air pollution, most probably some wilderness where the weather is crispy, skies are clear and cloudless and nights are long and cold.

Few tips to observe Aurora

  • You need to find a spot that is away from city lights. Visibility of aurora can be affected in a city due to lights lighting up the night sky and air pollution. So for this reason, head out to the places with dark and clear skies.
  • With the advancement in technology, you can get the predictions and weather report of the visibility of Aurora for its visibility in a specific region.
  • Plan your trip at the right time that is visiting in winters.

Quick traveling tip

When you are planning your trip to any country in the northern hemisphere where Aurora Borealis is visible, you need to make sure that you plan with the consultation of a travel agent. They can provide you with the details, locations, itinerary and other traveling particulars such as cheap airline tickets, best places, accommodation and much more. Travel agencies can also plan your trip in a deal or via a transit country in order to get you some savings. They can plan your flights to Frankfurt from London or any other city, and connect it with any Scandinavian destination that experiences the most Aurora sightings.

Where can you see Aurora Borealis?

There is an Aurora Zone in the northern hemisphere. This is an area where you can find the occurrence of nature’s most beautiful phenomenon. This area covers almost 3000 kilometers from the magnetic pole, the latitude is 66 degrees to 69 degrees north. For the best view, you need to be closer to this location.

We realize that searching for a location to this proximity can be difficult for the most people. So for this reason, we have made a research on your behalf and come up with some of the best accessible places from where you can witness the finest miracle of nature. Add these places to your bucket list and do visit them in an ideal time to visit these lights.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska is one of the best places to witness the nature’s magnificent show. It is inside the zone of the Northern Lights and you are assured to view their almighty display. But just as we have mentioned before in this article, you need to find a perfect spot to view them, a place which is far from the light and air pollution of the city. So head to the huge wilderness of Denali and the Yukon Terrain to witness the Northern Lights.

Apart from the Northern Lights, you can also observe some Alaskan wildlife such as grizzly bears, moose, eagles, Wolves, and more. You can also dip yourself in one of the hot springs of Alaska while doing all of this, just be careful when you come across a grizzly.

Northern Canada

Just like Alaska, the neighboring Northern territory of Canada is also a great place to observe the Northern Lights. It is also easily accessible and those who want to seek some peace in the unspoiled wilderness and remoteness, then this is the best place to come and enjoy your time. The nights are cold and light up with the Aurora Borealis and nothing seems better than that.


Norway is one of the northernmost countries in the world. With colorful towns and fishing villages, there are many hotspots for viewing Aurora Borealis in the country. But this country is more than an Aurora magnet, this place is truly enchanted. There are many places where you can seek pleasure in the expansive nature. You can comfortably chase Northern Lights in this country and some of the best spots include Tromso, Lofoten Islands, Bodo, Alta, Lakselv, Andoya, Harstad, and Svalbard.

Northern Russia

Northern Russia lies in the Arctic Circle. Its location makes it one of the biggest hotspot to spot Aurora. The town of Murmansk is one of the best places to access the massive untouched wilderness of Northern Russia. Hire a guide who can navigate your paths to find Aurora. The regions with the best sightings include Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Kola Peninsula and much more. These areas are easily accessible from St. Petersburg. The best thing about aurora sighting in Northern Russia is that the window of opportunity is huge. The season starts from mid-September and continues to mid-April.

All of Iceland

Iceland is a unique country between Ireland and Greenland. It has a majestic landscape with peaceful and lively people, volcanic backdrop, hot springs, waterfalls and vast green moors. You can practically witness an aurora from the coziness of thermal hot springs. And the best part is, it is visible from all over Iceland. So you don’t need to chase those lights down just to get a glimpse. And the season is even bigger than Russia. It starts in the early September and ends in late April or early May.

Other honorable mentions:

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Greenland
  • Denmark
  • Scotland
  • From your airplane window if you are flying over Northern Hemisphere

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