AUSTRALIA Travel Tips: 6 Tips before Holidays to Australia


Australia is the only continent that has only one state for those of you who also want to go to Australia and this is the first time here are a few things you need to know before the holiday to the land of kangaroos.Here we explored some very important things you need to know


The number one alert with deadly animals. Just imagine in fact 21 of the 25 types venomous snake in the world first developed in Australia. In addition to the deadly snakes here you can also find many other brutes such as a shark, spiders. The size of the palm of an adult a poisonous jellyfish, dingo, dog predator, crocodiles, poisonous frogs and many more. Well, to avoid it you can find out the location of the existence of the animal could see the source of the internet. Make sure you also extra careful when performing the activity of nature. Especially when hiking tracing the bushes of wild.


There are also adorable animals. Not just fruits Australia also has many unique animals are adorable. Most can only be found on this continent. The animals which are the claw how supper chubby, platypi mammals, Philby’s, rabbits, wombats, coleus, kangaroo and that only you can find in Australia.


The weather is very hot. Indeed it could be more heat from your country. Have a geographical location which is not far from the bail. The weather in Australia is very likely to rival heat in your country. Especially if you come in summer the temperature of the air can reach 29 degrees Celsius. Therefore that is not exposed to sunburn. Don’t ever forget your sunblock to avoid smearing it all over.


If you plan to play in Australia make sure you don’t cross the line of flags defined by the local Coast Guard. It is important for you to know it is most of a beach in this country renowned for its current waves. However, you will still find many locals who casually waves crashing madly swim without fear of drowning. However, you should not be limited because most of them grew up in the beach area. No wonder they are very good at swimming.


Don’t forget to bring the universal adapter. Willing to work on holidays or affairs. Universal adapter is the object that should not be missed to carry. In contrast to countries in Southeast Asia to use the plug or plugs type C and 220-240 voltage via Australia using electric socket type I with a voltage of 220 to 240 V. No harm carry from your home to save on expenses.


Stay connected SIM-card with Australia. This one is not less important for those of who always need internet access during your holiday in Australia. You may need to use a SIM-card Australia. SIM-card is primed Australia. Specifically for the use of use of the internet. The available quote in this SIM card is unlimited or infinite for use for 10 days. SIM card Australia is also suitable for all types of smartphones.

Before going to Australia we may need to know these very important 6 tips. Hope your travel in Australia will be good. Don’t forget to take your video camera. This thing may provide your journey much better.

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