7 Reasons Why One Should Travel by Indian Rail


While you are travelling in India, you must experience a journey by Indian Railways. There are many reasons why one should travel by Indian Rail and IRCTC has added one more reason by making it easy to book tickets through IRCTC Next Generation website. However, this is not the only reason why one should travel by Indian Railways. There are other reasons as well and here is a list.

Economic Mode of Travel

Indian Railways can make your travel much cheaper. You can travel from one corner of the country to another corner in just a few thousand rupees and that too in AC Coach. Some trains may also offer you food at this price. What else can you ask for when you are on a budget trip?

Safe Mode of Travel

Indian Rail is also a safe mode of transportation. The system is really hi-tech and there is railway police present to help you in case of an emergency. You are also surrounded by many people and hence Indian Rail is much safer when compared to road travel.

High Mobility

It can be irritating to spend three hours on a flight as there is a lack of mobility. You just can’t move around in the plane all the time. From this aspect, Indian Railways has a better option for you as you can move around in bogie, you can sit, you can sleep and you can get down at any stoppage as well.

Travelling in Group can be Fun

Most of the times, the plane journeys are very boring. This is certainly a big problem but with trains, the journey can’t be boring at all. You can interact with many people and you can also have your group with you. There are fewer restrictions while you on a train.

Better Connectivity

 Some of the cities have airports far away from the main city but this is not the case with railways stations. Most of the cities have multiple railway stations and that makes it easy to commute. You do not even have to report 1 hour prior to your journey time.

Scenic Journey

Train passes through different villages and countryside. This makes the journey even more interesting and if you are a fan of such scenic beauty then you must certainly travel by Indian railways on all your trip.

Luggage Capacity

The luggage capacity in case of railways is much higher and you do not have to worry about paying a highfee for the excess luggage like you have to pay in airlines. This is one of the best advantages of travelling on Indian Rail.

These are some of the reasons why you must travel by Indian Rail. Next time before planning your journey, do not forget to book your tickets on via your IRCTC Login / IRCTC Next Generation Login. You can also use your IRCTC e-Wallet to book tickets in order to make the payment process faster.

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