5 Helpful Tips for Desert Safari Tours


The huge lands of a desert can make an ideal tourist destination just for some action and fun action filled desert safari. They engage plenty of sports as well as adventure activities, which include dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, and sand boarding. Moreover, there is the chance to experience conventional activities such as falconry, henna painting, and even enjoying the local dance forms at the site of camp.

A tour to desert safari can take place any time of the day, but few months of the year, the temperature reaching up to 55° C. meanwhile, a highly relaxed tour experience is possible during the night when the condition of the climate are quite relaxed.

However, there are lots of things to consider in the procedure of getting ready for a desert safari. Have a look on some important tips to make the all-round knowledge a lot more fun and relaxed:

1. Wear relaxed clothes

The selected clothing for the desert safari is loose, casual and even relaxed. It is expected to include clothes such as cotton shirts, cotton pants or even shorts. The selected footwear is flip-flops, sandals, or even opens shoes. There are lots of activities that engage being out in the sand, so open shoes are significant to avoid issues with sand continually getting in the stopped up shoes. Moreover, it will bring profits to limit the quantity of jewelry wear.

Moreover, it is important to consider the tour activities when making decision on the clothing. For example, if a camel ride is expected to be a chief part of the tour it can advantage to dress in the long pants for the most relaxed experience.

2. Observe note of the instructors

The desert safari can comprise a choice of rough and courageous activities, so it is significant to pay attention to the instructor. Take an example of the dune bashing activity is definite to rather uneven. It is important for everyone to follow up all the guidelines in order to have some safe stay along with huge fun. The explorations on the steep dunes will be enjoyment and exhilarating, but is finest to just relax and let the experienced driver take command.

3. Pack the appropriate supplies

It is not compulsory to pack lots of things for the desert safari. However, there are few important items to consider which includes sunglasses, sunscreen, and a light jacket. If looking out for a night tour, the temperature of the desert will be considerably cooler during the evening time. Moreover, the sunglasses will not just help to obstruct the sunlight, but will stop the sand coming into the eyes. Sunscreen is an important item on a desert tour to guard your body from the forceful desert rays and reduce the danger of burned skin.

4. Select the right time

The selected time to visit a desert area is throughout the winter months of November to March. A desert safari will be something highly relaxed during the winter months. The temperature is surely cooler later in the day. Moreover, it will be possible to catch an outstanding sunset. Meanwhile, the months of the winter are the main tourist season, so it will be essential to hope more crowds and highly competition to book the events.

5. Pack a camera

You will surely find a plenty of photo chances on a desert safari. However, many will believe the desert and sand dunes are just a hot and infertile place, moreover, there are lots of amazing views that can take your sense away. Moreover, it will bring advantage to pack an additional battery to make sure the preferred number of images can be captured. One of the amazing things to confine will be the several special species of reptile and mammal.

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