5 Great Places to See When you Visit Dubai Mall


If you’re going to United Arab Emirates, you definitely should visit Dubai Mall! Dubai has placed itself as one of the best tourist destination in the world. It has become an icon of modern and grand architecture, shopping malls, and bizarre things to experience.

One of the most notable shopping mall in the world is the Dubai mall. It is the 2nd largest mall in the world by total area according to sources. It 2011, Dubai Mall welcomed around 54 million visitors and became the most visited building in the planet.

That is how grand and huge Dubai mall really is. But what makes people visit the Dubai mall? What is inside this huge mall that people visit it? And why should you visit it as well?

Places you need to see when you visit Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is so busy and so huge that it will be hard to complete seeing the whole place in a day. You might not be able to visit every store as well. Here are still the best things to find inside the mall.

The Burj Khalifa

Satisfy your architecture curious personality by admiring the world’s tallest. Around the Burj Khalifa, there are lots of coffee shops and restaurants outside in Dubai mall where you can enjoy food and admire the said building.

If you wait at night, you will be able to see the lights show being emitted by the building. Take note, Burj Khalifa can be seen almost anywhere but the place in Dubai Mall is the nearest you can be to the said building for free.

There is also the fountain show to entertain you at night. Start your night with these wonderful shows.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Yes you read that one right! Inside the mall there is a huge aquarium filled with underwater creatures. They have built a huge aquarium for everyone to see and enjoy.

Take note, viewing some parts of the aquarium is free. There is a huge glass aquarium situated at the entrance to the zoo which you can maximize by enjoying the view.

If this didn’t satisfy your curiosity, you can always avail to go inside the aquarium and zoo where you will have a much more variety of things to see (at least 33,000 animals to see inside) and can have a closer look on the aquarium.


If you’re visiting the mall as a family and you have kids with you, this is definitely the place to be when you visit Dubai mall. Treat your kids to an exciting day inside Kidzania where they will experience becoming an adult for a day.

With this park, your kids will learn valuable lessons and will possibly increase their social awareness and can possibly pick up more ideas and polish their social skills.

Dubai Dino

Inside the marketplace of the mall, an ancient animal is currently standing tall. Feel the Jurassic period as you look at the 155 million years old dinosaur. It is free to enjoy these magnificent sights and learn more about the said dinosaur.

Just be careful not to get to close as it is very old already. We wouldn’t want to cause trouble by accidentally damaging it.

 The Emirates A380 Experience

Planning on becoming a pilot? Or just curious how it feels like to drive a plane? Worry no more, when you visit Dubai Mall you can have the opportunity to test one. Experience how it feels like to be at the pilot seat.

This experience can definitely give you the same feeling as an actual flight. Learning to drive or trying to drive one will be of most value to you especially if you want to pursue a career with the airline industry.

Lots of other things to see

I have mentioned those 5 as those are the things that strike me the most and what I think is the factor why you shouldn’t miss the place. There are numerous things inside the mall to see, boutiques to shop in, places for dining. It will take me a whole day just to describe and explain the whole thing.

The best action to be done in order to experience and see what Dubai mall has to offer is to visit Dubai mall. Don’t miss it when you travel to Dubai!

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