5 Convincing Reasons To Visit Vietnam


Apart from the sugar sandy beaches, lip-smacking cuisines, shopping hopping venture and a leisurely stay at the resort that too with a private pool, what else do you need from an international trip? Chances are you’re screaming “An affordable holidays” on a shoestring budget. Well, if you think in this way, Simons Holidays suggest you take the road less traveled and head to Vietnam. Packed with some mesmerizing landscapes and pulsating energy, a trip to Vietnam is sure to leave you spellbound. Thanks to its pagodas, rice terraces and the famous Vietnam coffee. Vietnam is the ideal recipe of fun, adventure and romance.

If you’re looking to spark some romance in the upcoming Christmas and New Year, our post will give you a plenty of reasons to skip the idea of travelling to usual destinations and mark your way to this South East Asian country. Take a look and thanks us later.

1. Oh-So-Affordable Vietnam Is

Yes, Vietnam is very affordable to travel for Indian citizens. And with visa on arrival policy, you can enjoy your holidays in paradise for a maximum 30 days. Now tell us, what is not so loving about this South East Asian country? There are flights from major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, that will fly you straight away to Vietnam. To avail the cheap flight tickets on your trip to Vietnam, make a loud call for Vietnam tour package and get the best deals on flight tickets and accommodations.

2. Postcard Perfect Beaches To Soak Some Sunshine

If seeking out a perfect beach hideaway on your holidays to Vietnam is what you’re looking for, then my friend, you’ll be spoilt of choices here. Beaches here in Vietnam are damn-pristine and you can’t resist yourself to dip your toes in the pristine water. You can plunge yourself and swim, surf, snorkel with all your heart. A few of the secluded beaches we suggest you dip your toes are Bai Dai Beach, Mui Ne Beach and Ong Beach. Not to mention, all these beaches are perfect to laze around and get indulge in the charm of Vietnam.

3. Vietnam Is A Shutterbug Lover’s Dream

Whether you’re a travelling for your honeymoon or planning to take the stress out from your monotonous life, if we’re not wrong, then you might crave for the perfect photography locations on your trip. After all, who does not want to envy their social media account with the oh-so-amazing Instagram locations on their trip? From glistening skyscrapers to the white-stretched beaches to the historical hopping tour, Vietnam beautiful landscape are the treat for travelers and haven for photographers. You can satiate your shutterbug’s soul by visiting Ti Top Island located in Halong Bay, is a honeymooners paradise where couples never miss to showcase their couple photo shoot.

Our Pro Tip: Make the most of your trip to Vietnam by visiting Sapa, a hill station in the Northwest of Vietnam and admire the rice terraces, mountain peaks. Not to mention, it’s a photographer’s paradise. So, get your photography gear ready and hop on this beautiful adventure.

4. Vietnam Coffee Is Nothing Less Than A Magic Portion

If you’ve never considered yourself a coffee lover, in fact, I’ve never considered myself a beverage lover, Vietnam turned me into the one, and I’m sure, you also will get. Vietnam coffee would surely cast its spell on you for sure. Being the second largest coffee producer in the globe, Vietnamese coffee is known for its rich taste and unique blend of aroma. Don’t miss to sip an egg coffee with your sweetheart on your trip to Vietnam. Yes, you read that right. Egg coffee in Vietnam is served in an espresso cup with plenty of whipped cream on top and a cookie for dipping.

Our Pro Tip: Skip the Starbucks coffee and take inspiration from Fruity Coffee which is made of bananas, milk and other fruits. Sounds lip-smacking? Try these coffees on your Vietnam tour package.

5. Established Tourist Trail

What does that mean? Vietnam is no out of your comfort zone. Thanks to its circuit of tourists. that hits all the major places of attraction. From places like Hanoi, Ha Long Bay to Ho Chi Min City and Mekong Delta, you can travel to these places as a solo tourist. The type of vacationers you’ll meet on your trip to Vietnam will always be like you, full of energy and adrenaline pumping soul. You won’t feel alone over there because you’ll meet one of the friendliest people in the world. So get set and plan your Vietnam holidays with us and get best deals onVietnam tour package.

These are only a few of the Convincing Reasons To Visit Vietnam. To get the deep insider knowledge about this friendliest country, speak to our travel experts and take away more convincing reasons totrip Vietnam. And don’t be a tough cookie. Choose any of the one reasons and come with Simons Holidays and we bet, we’ll cater you the hassle-free trip.

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