Travel Guide – What Should Not to do When You Visit Religious Places

‘Temples’, ‘Churches’, ‘mosques’, ‘synagogues’ – no matter in what you actually faith. No matter where you live in, any part of the world, these holy places are always turned onto the tourist’s journey. We show some sort of curiosity on some country’s religion and traditions, or to observe the unbelievable artistic and architectural formations or […]

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What to Visit at Abu Dhabi Tourism?

Unspoiled beaches, perennial sunshine, striking sand dunes and a lively cosmopolitan lifestyle wait for every holidaymaker in Abu Dhabi. All this merged with the unparallel Arabian warmth and top-notch infrastructure turns the capital of UAE a pleasant destination for practiced and beginner travelers! Broad boulevards, Ritzy high-rises, splendid apartment buildings and fantastic shopping centers are […]

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Travel Tattoo for Globetrotters in 10 Great Ideas Not to be Missed!

Tattoos are permanent body modifications and that is why their wearers choose them with great attention to detail. Of course, their symbolic meaning is among the most important aspects that are taken into consideration when choosing. Normally, we spend a lot of time studying the symbolism behind this or that drawing that we want to […]

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