10 Thai Dessert Treats Everyone Should Try


Thailand is a country of wonders and magic. Everything about this country is special in a way. Thailand’s beaches are known all over the world for their natural beauty and serenity. Hill stations in the north are no less than heaven, and even their cities boast some great temples and history to research about. However, one thing that is extremely underrated about Thailand is its dessert treats. Thai food is known all over the world for its unique taste and smell. But Thai desert holidays are hardly discussed anywhere, and trust us they are more than amazing. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 Thai dessert treats that everyone should try when visiting this beautiful country.

Sweet-tooth for Thai desserts

Thai people have a great liking for sweets and desserts. They have a lot of sweets, condensed milk, sugar, and cream products in their grocery stores, and you can also find sweets and desserts in street markets and other places. For this reason, Thai people are experts in developing delightful treats and desserts, and this puts a nectar-loaded mold on your dessert treat scene.

Sweat-tooth for Thai Dessert

How to get there?

Before getting ahead with our article, we will like to tell our readers the best way to get to Thailand. Of course, you need to first get there to taste all the desserts and sweets. The best way to book Bangkok flights is via an online travel agency. They can find you some great flights that are not only economical but are also suitable with respect to timing, and routes.

10 Thai Dessert Treats for everyone

Following are 10 Thai desserts that are easy to make, and are made up of healthy ingredients. These sweet dishes are Western-styled and are quite low in calories. Made up of organic ingredients, they are gluten-free, so you just need to enjoy their taste without worrying about anything else.

1# Thai Fried Bananas

This is an exclusive Thai fried banana recipe that doesn’t require a messy batter. It is quite easy to make, and if you want to eat it, they are easily available at any Thai restaurant. We recommend you to enjoy them hot from the pan, and if you want some additives, use vanilla ice cream.

2# Thai Sweet Chili Ice Cream Topping

This is a quick Thai dessert which is developed through rapid improvisation. It can be made in under five minutes, and you can treat your friends, guests, or even yourself. Just make this spicy, sweet cream topping and pour it over your ice cream. The dish is quite easy and very delightful.

3# Tapioca coconut pudding

Tapioca coconut pudding is not specifically a Thai dessert, but it belongs to the whole region. The taste of this delicate sweet dish is irresistible to any tongue and quite easy to make. Thai Tapioca coconut pudding is a little bit different from any other Tapioca and reasonably better.

4# Coconut Sorbet

This dish is basically crass between sorbet and granite, but the coconut addition makes it even tastier than any one of them. It is just like a coconut ice cream, but the recipe says otherwise. The dish can be made without any stove or ice cream machine. Do try it at your home, or when visiting Thailand.

5# Thai Mango Sticky rice with coconut milk

Mango is one of the favorite fruits of South East Asia, and Thai people have a special relationship with coconut. The mixture of these two creates a sublime treat for all sweet-teeth. Do try this unique treat when visiting Thailand, and fill your all sweet taste-buds.

6# Thai sticky rice cake or Kao Tom Mud

This Thai sweet dish is made from sticky rice, coconut milk, and a unique filling. The completely cooked dish is then tied to the bamboo strip and then sold to the lucky consumer. There are other amazing ways to serve this dish as well, such as banana, black beans, tamarind, and more.

7# Sweet Thai Crepe

Sweet Thai Crepe is a great food. It is available on every street and the basic ingredients include egg whites and sugar. Do try them when you are wandering in Thai streets.

8# Grilled Pineapple Pops

We all make steaks on grills, but this dessert is made on it too. Pineapple Pops are a sweet ending to every party or a dinner. You just need to stuff them and grill whenever you want to.

9# Mung Bean Candy

Mung Bean Candy is a pretty sweet dish that is perfected by small pieces of fruits. Do try them when you are strolling in Thailand.

10# Custard Filled Bread

This dessert is best for you if you love to eat bread. You can not only find custard filling in bread, but also in hot dog buns, rolls, and other food items. There are different toppings in the custard, so choose whatever you like.

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